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The cabin measures three metres square and is elevated on three-metre stilts atop a small granite outcrop. The views from within are as if from amongst the tree canopy – a birds-eye experience.



Intended as a place of solace and reflection, a place to observe and learn. This thoughtful approach is reflected in the careful consideration given to its construction. With minimal environmental impact it is made largely from recycled and repurposed materials. Floor and door timbers are from a local farmhouse demolition and panelling harvested from derelict agricultural outbuildings. Where new timber has been necessary it has been sourced from a local sustainable supply.

The cabin stands in the forest on the edge of an inland fjord named Rjandsfjordenin in the county of Oppland. The view beyond the fjord is an horizon of permanently snowcapped mountains punctuated by the tips of spruce and scots pine.



The summers are lush and green with temperatures reaching thirty degrees Celsius whilst the winters can see that plummet to minus thirty. The cabin is fully insulated with a wood burning stove installed and hence is usable all year round.



Elk, red and roedeer, red squirrels and Eurasian lynx have all visited and the soundtrack is supplied by the local birds: goshawks, golden eagles, black woodpeckers, waxwings, crossbills and crested tits are amongst those that chirrup and squawk from the branches.

The birdboxcabin

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