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Damian Maynard and Jim Wilson are the designers and builders of the birdboxcabin. They first met in Brighton in the UK studying and working together at University.  Whilst conducting research into the varied hostelries of the area they found that they had much in common: Chiefly that they both had a passion for making and a lifelong interest in nature and the environment.


Both Damian and Jim are experienced and skilled designers and makers. Over the years they have largely worked independently of each other but have always had collaborative projects on the go. These projects have included the design and production of bespoke furniture, community den-building in the woods of Sussex and the occasional architectural salvage expedition.


It was when Damian moved to Norway that one of their long dreamt of projects became a real prospect. Countless back-of-envelope sketches and years of conversations could finally become reality. Over the course of two years with cold winters the cabin has grown on its granite perch and now stands amongst its Norwegian pine and birch neighbours.


Damian lives and works as a cabinetmaker in Oslo and regularly visits the birdboxcabin, managing its continued development and checking the hammocks still work.


Jim remains in Brighton dreaming of fjords and saving up for his next visit.


The cabin represents a friendship and an idea – one of many more to come we expect……

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